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piers simon appeal

Piers Simon Appeal is
a disaster relief charity
that delivers aid

In addition The
School in a Bag
has helped
over 30,000
Children go to
School to date.


tsunami 2004


Following a disaster, a link is established with the community affected. Initial emails are exchanged to determine the severity of the event and the scale to which the Piers Simon Appeal can help. Where necessary a site visit is organised to conduct an analysis of disaster area; this in turn strengthens our relationship with the community and the designated contact in person. This is often essential as it provides the Piers Simon Appeal with a sense of security about the donation of money and the legitimacy of the work.

Once repair work has begun, our contact in the field is responsible for sending us electronic reports of the nature of work and progress.

donate to piers simon appeal


About The Piers Simon Appeal

School in a Bag

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Who was Piers?

Piers Simon - Garden Designer, Somerset.